As an Irish start-up, we were delighted to be featured by for our campaign to find a burly Irish guy to be the face of our brand for 2021.


face of BRLY 2021

We're looking for Ireland's first plus-sized male model to be the face of our brand. We're down to the final 10 candidates and you can help pick the winner!

Man with Sweatshirt


If you’re like us, you know the frustration of trying to look good in clothes designed for skinnier guys.


T-shirts that cling to your stomach but hang loose on the arms, jeans which fit your waist but suffocate your thighs - the list goes on!

Maybe your ambition is to lose weight. Maybe you’re perfectly happy how you are. Both scenarios are fine with us.

Either way, our mission is to help you look great with your current body type. It's time to #feeltheburl.

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Irish fashion brand for burly guys. It's time to feel the burl!

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