BRLY Basics Lesson #4: Thickness

If you’re like us, you know the pain of trying to look good in clothes designed for skinnier guys.

T-shirts that cling to your chest and belly but hang loose on the arms, jeans which fit our waist but flare out at the bottom, squeezing into suffocating Under Armour to hide some of our bigger bits - the list of frustrations are endless!

Maybe you want to lose weight or maybe you’re happy where you’re at - both scenarios are cool with us.

Either way, you still need to learn how to dress for your current body type. Your time hiding your burly body is over.

Here's BRLY Basics Lesson #4: Thickness...

Generally speaking, heavier fabrics will drape better on your body.

The key is balance: too thick, and the materials will add bulk to your frame; too thin and you’ll be exposing your lumps and bumps.

Lesson #4 in practice:

● Think flannel shirts - these shirts are made with a more substantial fabric and drape and look better on your body. Because of their weight, these shirts have structure and they make you look better because they aren’t hugging every curve on our chest and waist.

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