BRLY Basics Lesson #2: Accessorise

If you’re like us, you know the pain of trying to look good in clothes designed for skinnier guys.

T-shirts that cling to your chest and belly but hang loose on the arms, jeans which fit our waist but flare out at the bottom, squeezing into suffocating Under Armour to hide some of our bigger bits - the list of frustrations are endless!

Maybe you want to lose weight or maybe you’re happy where you’re at - both scenarios are cool with us.

Either way, you still need to learn how to dress for your current body type. Your time hiding your burly body is over. Here’s BRLY Basics Lesson #2: Accessorise...

Accessories can be your best friend if used correctly.

The key is to size them appropriately - the rule is ‘the burlier the guy, the bigger the accessories’. That goes for watches, ties, cross-body bags, hats, etc.

Lesson #2 in practice:

● Suspenders are key, under a blazer or suit jacket, in ensuring your trousers don’t slip below the belly.

● Go for wider ties and knots. A wider tie will help you look more proportional. Make sure the tie isn’t too short. No skinny ties!

● Same goes for watches - the bigger the face, the better.

● If ever there’s a time to go big on accessories, it’s summer. Sunglasses, hats, cross-body bags – they’re all warm-weather essentials that can really improve your look.

● Shoes are equally powerful at turning the ordinary into the extraordinary

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