BRLY Basics Lesson #1: Fit

If you’re like us, you know the pain of trying to look good in clothes designed for skinnier guys.

T-shirts that cling to your chest and belly but hang loose on the arms, jeans which fit our waist but flare out at the bottom, squeezing into suffocating Under Armour to hide some of our bigger bits - the list of frustrations are endless!

Maybe you want to lose weight or maybe you’re happy where you’re at - both scenarios are cool with us.

Either way, you still need to learn how to dress for your current body type. Your time hiding your burly body is over.

Here’s BRLY Basics Lesson #1: Finding the Right Fit...

When you’re a burlier guy, it’s tempting to either squeeze everything in with tight clothes or cover up by sizing up.

Neither is a good approach for looking good.

Instead, look for clothes that fit and have some structure, which creates a flattering silhouette.

Go for well-fitting clothes instead of baggy or tight cuts. Your clothes should fit close to your body without being too slim and tight and also without being too big.

Lesson #1 in practice:

● If you have trouble finding clothes that fit, buy clothing that fits the largest part of your body, and then have it tailored down so it fits all over. For example, you may need to buy trousers that fit in the waist and have the legs tailored to be less baggy.

● In terms of shirt sizing, you should be able to pull your shirt away 2-3″ from your body. That should give you enough room to move comfortably and sit down while still pulling off that slimmer, more tailored fit.

● Straight-leg trousers are your best bet over flared or skinny cuts. Avoid pleats. No flares, lads! The same goes for shorts - opt for tailored shorts, not big baggy ones.

● Avoid styles that add excess bulk, such as cargo pockets and hoodies with front pouches. Don’t carry stuff in your pockets.

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